About company

We are the provider of learning and development solutions. With a wide selection of different delivery methods, we create an optimal learning experience to develop the competences your people need.

As the brand name itself says,  engline offers two lines of products designed to boost vital, entrepreneurial competences:

  • Business English
  • Business Skills

We subscribe to the famous quote from Peter Drucker stating that employees are the most important and valuable asset in any company.

Language training

Fluent oral and written communication in English is the key to opening up the international career and achieving business objectives. At engline, we assist the representatives of business communities, non-business organisations and highly motivated individuals in developing their language skills. We place the language practice in the wider framework of professional communication competences.

Business training

The mission of engline Business English Solutionsis to deliver tailor-made learning and development solutions aimed at measurable enhancement of business skills. We support companies in the areas of management, sales and customer care to meet their ever-changing demands in their increasingly competitve enviroments.

The owner of engline is Andrzej Broda. The former corporate manager, trainer and training designer, he is an MA holder and a graduate from the Adam Mickiewicz University English Department.