Business English

Flexible and Effective Language Training for Business, Non-business Organisations and Professionals

Being multilingual is an essential competence in today's corporate world. We, at engline, offer a large number of options to assist your workforce learn and improve essential skills to meet your needs. We will help you determine your specific goals to plan out the best language program possible for your company.

Private Language Training

Private language tutorial is the best choice for those seeking a flexible schedule and maximal care.The one-on-one training allows for tailored content, ensuring that our focus is on the specific needs of the student. We adapt to our students' pace and needs, always making sure to maximise their speaking time.

Pair Classes

The pair classes are great option for two people who share similar language competency levels and learning objectives. Together, students will benefit from joint learning where they will be asked to work in a small team to reach their goals. The pair work still allows for tailored teaching to the great mutual benefits of both learners.

Group Classes

The ideal group classes range from 3 to 8 students and are an ideal environment to carry out collaborative learning tasks. The groups are small enough to guarantee students the adequate personal attention from trainers but are also large enough to encourage  varied discussions and maximise linguistic success.


Improving language skills requires a variety of tools and resources. A selection of target-focused workshops will address your specific needs of professionals in an English-speaking enviroment.

Whether you are facing a large audience presentation, or simply writing an email, our workshops will give you the tools to communicate more comfortably. It is our privilege and honor to coach and mentor each of you if you need to practise certain points before a conference discussion or a presentation delivery.

These trainings can be offered in one-on-one scheme, pair work or group work of the same level.

Some of our workshop topics include:

  • E-mail Communication
  • Phone and Teleconference Communication
  • Socialising - Small Talk
  • Presentation Techniques


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