Developing business skills

We, at engline Business English Solutions, bring together the skills development that individuals and teams need to succeed in their business competitive environments.
Since the issues and concerns of every companydiffer considerably, we develop customised training workshops to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Step 1: Analysis

At this stage, engline works with your management team to understand your key business challenges. We also use this step to identify clearly tangible and intangible training objectives.
Additionally, we make additional efforts to understand the participants that will make up the audience: their education, job role,experience, etc.

We also seek to interview the direct supervisors of the prospect delegates on their present and expected competence levels. We believe the managers are generally able to evaluate their employees' skills. We are in the full, constant relation with your HR officers throught the proces.

Step 2:  Implementation

We then put forward our preliminary offer. Following the agreed design, we deliver the workshop to the participants

Step 3: Evaluation

In this phase, we focus on evaluations scores and learning process outomes with the management representatives

These are selected topics of our learning and development programmes.

  • Presentation Skills
    The workshops bring together planning and delivery skills giving participants the ability to present structured and powerful presentations. Participants? presentation styles are developed to impact their audience, create the expected impression and achieve their business objectives.
  • Influencing Skills
    The participants experience the interpersonal skills and communication techniques at work. In the friendly and test conducive enviroment,they learn to safely and effectively influence other people in the workplace. Whether managers, colleagues, or clients, the delegates learn how to induce other people to accept their requests, support their projects and adopt their recommendations.
  • Negotiation Skills
    The workshops help participants maximise results from various sorts ofinternal and external negotiations. During the workshop, participants learn to plan, prepare and analyse negotiations including BATNA to achieve their business objectives. The participants also learn a process which they can continue to use after the workshop to establish philosophies, strategies and tactics for both individual and team negotiations.
  • Sales on the Phone
    The workshop participants are equipped with the communication, selling and commercial skills to build long-lasting customer relationships and generate revenue over the phone, ensuring sales calls are more productive and profitable.
  • Customer Service Workshop
    This customer-focused workshop combines the skills and processes to prepare Customer Service Representatives and Managers to be more effective at their jobs. Participants learn how to build trust and credibility with their clients and how to articulate value proposition that differentiates their products and services from their competitors' ones.
  • Coaching For Managers
    It provides managers with the skills to improve the performance of individual team members. The workshop is focused on the operational aspect of coaching including goal setting, creating the conditions for motivation, delegating work, empowering team members and providing feedback.
  • Change Management
    The leaders, managers and employees are given the competence to control and benefit from corporate change initiatives.
  • Business Writing Skills
    It provides participants with the skills to plan and write clear and effective documents. Whether email, PowerPoint, memos or sales proposals, participants learn to write informative and persuasive documents appropriate in style and register.